I offer two services: A) creative consultation including research and concept development and B) the artistic skill & knowledge to turn our consults into powerful imagery. I am an independent, love what I do and will get you excited about expressing and sharing your ideas.

I work with brands, business's and individuals in marketing & PR, photography, film, writing, music,  animation, research, education, industrial design, architecture and landscaping. Please contact me for my full body of work.


Personalised service, high attention to detail, honest time-frames and stunning visuals any industry can be proud of.

Creative Consultant  

Concept Idea Development

Sketch Design

Creative Communication

CGI Imagery

3d Modelling

Photoreal Renders


Training in

Adobe Photoshop

Autodesk 3dsMax

Choas Group V-ray


Skype ID: T2Qstudio

700 Bourke St, Melbourne , Australia.