Job | Studio Co-founder

I am on the hunt for the right co-founder to join me in developing a studio based on social efficacy, delivering powerful additorial imagery and poignant workshops based around the work we do.

What we will be achieving
Mixing both 2d and 3d elements, we’ll be consulting, designing and exploring artistic style. We’ll provide amazing communication and the skills to turn our consults into powerful imagery that capture imagination and intent of our clients. We want big ups when it comes to word of mouth marketing.

We will be pursuing clients interested in making the world a better place and, at this early stage, incubate seedlings that will eventually grow into lattice work set by B-Corp and Ideo. Understanding our own studio’s artistic style is the essence of making this startup work so you and I will be a integral individuals developing that direction.

In parallel to providing the aforementioned commercial services we’ll be growing our own brand. It will focus on creative thought leading and generating passive income as a vehicle to later expand the studio and keep us grounded with shifts happening on social media, our local creative watering holes and the general populace.

As a third trifactor we will provide education through workshops based around creative development with poignant education on essential technical skills to create mixed media. Naturally this ability would come from a well developed empathetic centre and a practiced logic to create lessons in an easy to consume manner for students.


You will be my partner in chrime. That’s right, chrime with an ‘H’. Much like the ‘h’ in Chutspa: a term used to describe driven persona and innate direction. Your ” h ” will include the skills and processees along the lines of:

Soft Skills
Sense of humour – Yes, it will be our commodity, and laughter our vendor.
Ability to create concepts and direct the creative process.
Practiced client acquisition/business development in a startup or freelancer capacity.
Great communication skills and positive attitude.
Very good organizational skills and the ability to anticipate problems.
Empathetic Nature.

Hard Skills
Mastery of Adobe Photoshop or similar.
Adobe Suite
Understanding of image composition and lighting.
Proven experience creating art based on briefings (ideally in the CGI/Digital realm)

Ideal but not essential
3D Modelling (Blender, Rhino or 3ds Max / Maya )
3D Rendering (ideally V-ray)
Motion design ( either 2d or 3d)

Job Details
Part time (15-20 hours per week)
Remuneration is based per project
Co-working office and Flexible time.
Docklands Location near Melbourne CBD

If you think you’ll be a great fit but have varying/complementary skills OR don’t exactly match above please still get in contact. I’m looking for interesting + skilled folks to drive creativity and enjoy working with. Thanks for your time. Rob Cot.

How to Apply
Please contact me via email with a few sentences explaining your motivation for contacting me and a link or attachment to your work.

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